Welcome to Wedding Vendors Link Exchange

Are you a wedding vendor looking to exchange links in order to help boost your organic ranking?

If so we have the ideal solution for you to create quality wedding content driven links back to your website from wedding websites that are established and reputable from around the world, whats more every website needs to pass our manual & digital health check.

Not every wedding vendor will be able to exchange links using our service, we are not looking for low quality links we are looking for quality links from reputable wedding websites that are approved by us.

We are experts in SEO, so we know how to play by Googles guidelines, that is why we don’t just exchange links we create quality content about your website this then gets posted up onto their website. By managing it this way you will not be penalised by Google penguin.


Here is an example of how it works

John runs the moogs wedding band website, he comes to our website and pops his details into our application form, if he is approved by us he can then and only then exchange links with other wedding vendor websites.

Here is what happens next –

  1. We create content that is relevant to them roughly around 200 – 300 words (see example in we are unique)
  2. We add anchor texts in the content that link back to themoogs wedding band (see what we just did there?)
  3. Add photo or video that is supplied.
  4. Add social link if supplied
  5. Post the content into wedding related websites that are not competing with him, this can be done by country or by profession.  (a wedding band website in Manchester UK can link to a wedding band website in Ireland but cannot link to a wedding band in Manchester UK)
  6. We then set up your post on the wedding vendors websites that will link back to your website.
  7. Turn on our Pluggin on your website that will allow the link exchange.

Creating a unique, content rich, quality link from wedding related websites will only improve your organic ranking with google.

New wedding band to our website.

Also just in themoogs band