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Ok, let’s give you a taste of what we mean, have a look at these two below, which one would you be more likely to click

A link like this ????

www.perfectday.ie  Wedding Band Covering Dublin


Or a Link like this…

Find out what happened at Jane & Sams wedding reception at the Marino Hotel when Perfect Day Wedding Band took to the stage

Little did Jane know that she was in for a big surprise on her wedding day, Sam had being disappearing on Tuesday evenings to what she thought was 5 aside football in the 4 months before their wedding day, instead Sam and his Best men were actually going to dance lessons, needless to say when Perfect Day took to the stage and brought down a chair to the dance floor for Jane to sit on there was complete look of shock, she honestly dis not know what was going to happen next…

Sam then took to the middle of the dance floor along with his best men in hand doing a choreographed edition of “shut up and dance” which was really amazing put together by Perfect Day wedding band.

Everyone thought it was amazing and no one was more surprised than Jane who had always commented that Sam had two left feet, she really can’t say that anymore, it really did set the tone for the whole nights entertainment, everyone was wanting to get up and show of their moves and we cannot remember a time when the band were playing that the dance floor was not full.

That really has to go down as one of the best weddings that we went to and it was down to the great entertainment on the night, it really was a special wedding experience that will live on in our memories.wedding link exchange

Now honestly, which link do you think google is going to reward ?