Wedding Vendors Application

Not every website is going to get approved, so before you apply below please ensure that your website meets the following requirements

  • There are no spammy links on your website
  • There is no duplicate content on your website
  • No adult or nudity on your website (wedding lingerie is acceptable)
  • Your website must not have more than 8 outbound links
  • Your website needs to be in good standing with good content and of good design

Submissions not complying with all of our requirements will be ignored.

If your wedding website ticks all the boxes above then pop in your details below.

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Once we have received your application it will take us 24 hours to get back to you, what will happen is that we will need to review your website manually, we will then assess where it ranks currently on the search engines, after this we will pop it into place it into Ahrefs, Moz Pro & Copyscape to ensure that your website is of quality.  Finally we will assess the backlinks to your website, only then will it be approved or denied.

If your website is approved we will contact you to go over the best plan that will suit your marketplace.

If your website is denied we will outline what you need to do to remedy the situation.